Print, THE ENGLISH LION DISMEMBER'D Or the Voice of the Public for an Enquiry into the Public Expenditure.

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  • Attributed to: Thomas Colley
  • London, England
  • March 12, 1780
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-77

The lower margin reads: "THE ENGLISH LION DISMEMBER'D/ Or the Voice of the Public for an Enquiry into the Public Expenditure./ Pub. by E. Hedges N 92, under the Royal Exchange Cornhill March 12, 1780"

In this print, the satirist hopes to use his influence to defeat present government leaders and alter policies. England is represented by a lion. Lord North, struggling under the weight of a heavy bag marked "Budget", drags the chained and wounded animal. America, an Indian chief, holds a staff with the liberty cap and claims the lion's severed paw, "America". Sword in hand, France stands behind the lion ready to sever another limb, while Spain is reluctant to join in the slaughter for fear he will end with nothing. To the right are the three members of the opposition party who are determined to stop North before more damage is done to their country.

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