Fan, naval engagement scene

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  • Netherlands
  • 1781-1782
  • Paper, paint, gold, bone sticks
  • 1968-643

Fan painted with a central scene showing a naval engagement in which Dutch ships are battling an English ship. Two smaller vignettes at left and right of the main scene show guns firing from a fort, and a mermaid carrying the Dutch flag bearing the name Zoutman. Fan has floral borders and gold edging. On the reverse the fan is painted with a bouquet of roses in center. Sticks of plain bone.

This fan commemorates a 1781 battle in the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, which is considered part of the American War of Independence. The Dutch, under Vice Admiral Johan ZoĆ¼tman, whose name is shown on the flag held by the mermaid, fought the British in the North Sea. The Dutch claimed victory, despite heavy casualties.

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