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  • Attributed to: James Gillray
  • London, England
  • January 4, 1780
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1960-74

The lower margin reads: "JOHN BULL TRIUMPHANT./ The Bull see enrag'd, has the Spaniard engag'd,/ And gave him a Terrible Toss,/ As he mounts up on high, the Dollars see fly,/ To make the bold Britton rejoice,/ The Yankee & Monsieur, at this look quite queer,/ For they see that his Strength will prevail,/ If they'd give him his way, and not with foul play,/ Still lug the poor Beast by the Tail./ Publish'd Jan.y 1780, by W. Humphrey N.o 227 Strand."

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