Print, The Three Cherokees, come over from the head of the River Savanna to London, 1762.

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  • Publisher: George Bickham
  • London, England
  • ca. 1765
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • 1958-484A

In November 1761, Henry Timberlake, an ensign from Virginia, led a diplomatic journey down the Holston and up the Little Tennessee Rivers to the towns of the Overhill Cherokees. The remarkably accurate map Timberlake compiled was the first printed map of any part of Tennessee taken from an actual survey.

After spending three months with the Cherokees, Timberlake traveled to Williamsburg, accompanied by about seventy-two Indians. One of them approached Governor Francis Fauquier about going to London to meet the king. Eventually it was decided that three of the Cherokees, an interpreter, and Timberlake would make the journey.

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