Map, "A Prospective Plan of the Battle fought near LAKE GEORGE…"

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  • Engraver: Thomas Johnston
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1755
  • Black and White Line Engraving
  • Anonymous Gift
  • 1984-44

Samuel Blodget's Prospective Plan of the Battle fought near Lake George depicts events that took place on September 8, 1755, between the French and English forces. As the French began to attack Fort Edward, British military strategists, aware that their regular formations were ineffective on the American frontier, "went into the Indian Way of Fighting, squatting below the Shrubs, or placing themselves behind the Trees." French troops approached the camp and fired from three straight lines as the bird's-eye view on the right depicts. As each line fired, the soldiers moved to the rear, then the second and third rows followed suit. More than 260 French soldiers were killed. The British regarded this as a great victory.

On the day depicted in this scene, Hendrick was shot from his horse and bayoneted to death.

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