Gorget, 20th Regiment

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  • Great Britain, England
  • Ca.1770
  • Silver, iron
  • 2005-13

In compliance to the Royal Warrant of 1768, this gorget is made of silver to match the color of the metal of the 20th Regiment's officer’s buttons and lace. The central part of the body in engraved with the Royal Arms of George III. Its corners, or horns, are adorned with trophies of arms, worked in repousee, chasing, engraving and matting. The trophies include ribbons, flags, helmets, body armour, shieldsm swords, fascines and what appear to be batons.

A hole appears at the top of each corner to receive the ribbon or chain which suspended it around the wearer's neck. Created from hammered sheet silver (marks remaining on verso), the raised edge encloses an iron armature wire for strength.

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