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  • Jonathan Carver, C. Hall, J. De Costa
  • Great Britain, London, England
  • July 29th, 1775
  • Black and white line engraving with period color
  • 1963-730

The Town and Harbour of Boston with the adjacent territory toward Concord. The title and dedication are contained in a rectangular box in the center left. Below, also within a rectangular box, is a list of 19 REFERENCES that refer to locations on the map. Beneath the lower border is the imprint London Publish'd as the Act directs July 1775 by J. De Costa Red Cross Street, Southwark. The References refer to: 1. The Nautilus Man of War lying above Charles Town Ferry 400 yards to Boston. 2. The Lively Man of War. 3. Men of War before Bostn. 4. Genl Gage's Camp on the Common. 5. Bacon Hill. 6. Fort Hill. 7 . Copps Hill. 8. Genl. Gage's Line on on(sic) Boston Neck. 9. The Fortification. 10. South Battery. ll. North Battery. 12. Provincial Battery gained by the Kings Troops in the Battle 17 of June 1775. 13. Bunkers Hill at Chas T. 14. School Hill at Do. 15. Stores & Cannon destrod by the Kings Troops. 16. The Schooner burnt at Nodles Island by Genl Putman. 17. Watch Boat from the Men of War. 18. Genl Thomas's Lines on Boston Neck. 19. Mill Pond.

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